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The Legend of White House

Larry White has been a constructional engineer since early 1996. He is a certified draftsman, constructional engineer, and graduated at the top of his class in Architectural Technology. Larry has over 20 years of experience and has worked in both residential and commercial sectors. As his footprint grew in the government industry, Larry realized his love for residential design surpassed the thrill of commercial designing. His passion pushed Larry to launch his first residential design and build company, "Sure Dwellings." Larry's company grew and as he began to service more customers, he realized that he could not do it alone. Now, one of Larry's sisters is a is a talented designer who shares the dream of owning a design and build business. Together they've built a family owned and operated company, White House Building Associates. 


The legacy of a family business with years of experience extends to the entire team of White House. Each employee and subcontractor on our team has been with us for years. As the company continues to grow, we continue to build lasting relationships and trust with our partners to ensure we are providing our customers with the very best service.  

White House is committed to being the most trusted and most reliable source of general contractors in our area.







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